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E28- Video SEO & Getting More Mileage from your Video


A lot of savvy businesses are adding video into their online marketing mix but most are not getting anywhere near as much mileage as they possibly could out of it. In this episode we chat about video SEO and getting more mileage out of the video you already have. With some simple tweaks and a few extra steps often you can increase the exposure and plays your videos get by 50-100%….thats double the performance with a few simple steps.

If you’ve spent some money on video in your business, this is an episode to listen to.

Listen to this episode and learn:

  • Video SEO basics and how to get more exposure for your videos in search and more plays when the video actually appears in front of a viewer
  • Some of the new features of Youtube and Facebook

In this episode:

The three tiers of video channels/hosting platforms:

  1. Youtube – Youtube should be driving all videos on your website unless you have a specific reason to use something else
  2. Facebook & Vimeo – Facebook is the only company that could be a real competitor to Youtube. Make sure any video you upload to Youtube gets uploaded to your Facebook page too. Videos hosted on Vimeo often rank very high in the Google search results
  3. Dailymotion and other small sites – Dailymotion is effectively a Youtube clone and their videos rank very high in the search results. If you do a Google search and click the Video search result tab you’ll see a lot of Dailymotion videos in the search results

Youtube optimisation steps:

  • Make sure you have a banner and profile pic on your Youtube channel
  • In many cases your Youtube channel will get more views than your Facebook page! Make sure it looks good
  • Youtube now has support for Google Analytics, make sure you have it integrated
  • Set the title, description and tags for all videos and put a link back to your website in the video description. Using a keyword rich title goes a long way to ranking your videos in the search results

Other optimisation steps:

  • Having a custom thumbnail on each of your videos (that displays before the video is played) makes a big difference to how many plays and clicks your videos get.
  • There’s lots of different ways to use video, Matt from Photography Project has some great examples at his website here:
  • In Episode 17 of BMS we do a deep dive on video with Matt
  • Facebook has recently added more video features, click the Video tab on your Facebook video page to add a featured video and playlists
  • Make sure you have all videos loaded up to all channels for maximum exposure. It is a little bit more work but it will give your online marketing a much bigger boost.


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