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E76 – Talking Intellectual Property with IP Lawyer Guy Provan

In this episode we’re talking trademarks and intellectual property with Guy Provan from Guy has been practicing for more than 25 years and works with a range of clients from individual inventors to large corporates specialising in litigation and dispute resolution, enforcement of intellectual property rights, IP licensing and commercialisation, IT and internet agreements, […]

E75 – Running a Web & Digital Marketing Agency

We’re both increasingly often asked about running a digital marketing web agency, what tools we use, how we do it and so forth. So in this episode we talk about our experience starting, growing and running a web agency and some of the pitfalls and some of the lessons we’ve learnt. If you’re considering starting […]

E74 – How to Master Online Video and Photography with Matt Reed

In this episode we have Matt Reed from Photography Project back on the show. Matt is a professional commercial photographer and through his studio Photography Project, works with businesses big and small on their photography, imagery and video. We had Matt on back in 2014 and he talked in detail about photography and video as […]

E73 – eCommerce & Competing With Amazon with Tony Nash from Booktopia

In this episode we talk with Tony Nash, CEO of Booktopia about eCommerce, competing with Amazon and his journey from startup to hitting $100 million in revenue. This is a great conversation about Tony’s journey building Booktopia from $0 into one of Australia’s largest book sellers and is a fantastic episode to listen to regardless of […]

E72 – Video Marketing with Reg Sorrell

In this episode we’re talking video marketing with Reg Sorrell from Online Videos Perth Video is becoming an increasingly important online marketing tool and in this episode we chat with Reg about background, the current state of video marketing and advertising and how to use it in 2017. Reg has a background in TV and […]

E71 – 10 Tools We’re Using in 2017

In this episode we’re talking tools and specifically what tools and software we’re using in 2017. This is a good episode to listen to if you’re looking for more efficiency gains in your business. The list: Drift Livechat Lucky Orange Zendesk Zapier Slack Skype Gsuite aka Google Apps Hubspot Sales Audacity Xero   Listening options: […]

E70 – Build a Brand with Peter Engelhardt

In this episode we talk with Peter Engelhardt from Creative Brew about all things branding. This is a great episode to listen to if you’re thinking about upgrading the look of your business or doing a website redesign. As we discuss with Peter, branding is much much more than your logo and business card, it’s […]

E69 – Talking Ecommerce & Retail with Con Kazantzidis from The Stray Whisker

In this episode we talk with Con Kazantzidis from The Stray Whisker, a business that specialises in Traditional Wet Shaving and Grooming Supplies. This is an excellent episode to listen to if you’re in the ecommerce or traditional retail space. Con talks about his business journey, how he started and built the business and some […]

E68 – A Conversation On Copywriting with Bret Thomson

In this episode, we’re talking copywriting with Bret Thomson, one of the highest paid copywriters and conversion strategists in Australia. It’s a casual conversation on copywriting with a whole bunch of insights on how you can better engage your audience, write better copy and generally improve your approach to marketing and selling online. This is […]

E67 – In the studio with Business News CEO Charlie Gunningham

In this episode of the Business Marketing Show, Ed speaks with Business News CEO Charlie Gunningham in the recording booth at the Business News HQ. Charlie manages the strategy & day-to-day operations at Business News. He has three decades of management experience, including 15 years of running e-businesses (his own start-up and then Charlie […]

E66 – The Future of Local & Small Business Marketing

In this episode Brendan talks with Joe Hughes from Contractor Dynamics about the future of small and local business marketing and where things are going. This is a good episode to listen to if you already have a proactive online marketing strategy and are looking for the “what next” or looking to take your game […]

E65 – 2017 Online Marketing Quick & Easy Wins

In this episode, we talk online marketing quick and easy wins for 2017. A few weeks ago, we released a 2017 Online Marketing Strategy episode with the complete online marketing strategy we’re using with clients today. In this episode, we share 5 easy wins that almost any business owner can DIY that cost nothing (or […]

E64 – John Blake on Sales & Selling

In this episode we speak to John Blake, a sales consultant, coach and mentor about sales! Most business owners have an aversion to selling and the general public usually thinks sleazy car salesman or pushy cold caller when you mention sales to them….but when sales and selling is done properly it shouldn’t be like that. […]

E63 – Maria Doyle – Packaging & Selling Your Expertise Online

In this episode we speak to Maria Doyle about packaging and selling your expertise online and creating quality online learning experiences. This is a great episode to listen to if you have online courses (or have been thinking about creating one) or teach, consult or coach people largely online. Episode Highlights: Maria explains the 4 […]

E62 – Online Marketing Strategy & Tactics in 2017

  Our first episode for 2017. In this episode we’re talking about the online marketing strategies and tactics that will move the needle for you in 2017. This is a conversation about what we’ve been using with clients over the last 3-6 months, what’s working really well and what will become increasingly important in the […]

E61 – Inbound Marketing & Hubspot with Charles McKay

In this episode we have Charles McKay from talking with us about Inbound Marketing and how Hubspot fits into the picture. Charles is an Inbound Marketing specialist and his company helps businesses sell more and grow their businesses using Inbound Marketing. Some of the topics we discuss include: what Inbound Marketing actually is and why it’s […]

E60 – The Amazon Expansion Plan with Kiri Masters

In this episode we have Kiri Masters from back again with what’s effectively part 2 of our discussion on the Amazon Marketplace, Amazon FBA and selling on Amazon. If you’re new to selling on Amazon or looking to get started on Amazon it’s probably wise to listen to Episode 59 – Amazon FBA & […]

E59 – Amazon FBA & Getting Started on the Amazon Marketplace

In this episode we speak with Kiri Masters from, a web agency that specialises in helping businesses launch their brand and products on Amazon and helps existing Amazon sellers get more out of their Amazon presence. This is a good episode to listen to if you have an established ecommerce business and you’re thinking […]

E58 – Counting the Money – Finance & Accounting Tools

This week we talk about accounting and financial tools which is surprisingly something we get asked about a lot. We share the tools we use along with insights that relate to finances and accounting that we’ve learned along the way. This episode is a good one to listen to if you’re spending a lot of […]

E57 – Keywords, Keyword Targeting & Keyword Research

In this episode we talk about keyword, keyword targeting and keyword research. We share some simple strategies and tactics around keywords that will eliminate a lot of confusion small business owners feel around keywords and search engines. This is a good episode to listen to if you’re looking to rank higher in the search engines and […]