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Episode 11 – Mobile Websites

This week we talk about mobile websites, something we’re getting asked about a lot more often these days.

The percentage of visitors coming to your website via a smartphone is only going to increase so a mobile specific version of your website is an important consideration to keep in mind when thinking about your overall marketing plan.

Mobile devices are only becoming more popular. The screenshot above highlights where you can check mobile visitor stats inside Google Analytics

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • some of the basics around mobile websites and responsive design
  • some starting point action items if you’re thinking about mobile websites for your business

Highlights, Notes and Action Items from this episode:

  • Responsive design = the website resizes automatically to match the size of the device, here’s two responsive website examples:
  • Adaptive design or dedicated mobile site = there is a completely separate version of the website that triggers automatically depending on the device type used to view the website
  • Customer intent is important to keep in mind when deciding which is right for you. Adaptive gives you more control over the user experience so if the visitor intent differs greatly on a mobile device an adaptive website is likely better
  • Make sure at a minimum that your website actually loads properly on Smartphone and Tablet devices. Older websites built completely from Adobe Flash will not work. Often moving elements or website banners are built in Flash and these elements need to be upgraded to a file format that mobile devices support
  • Does your website pass Ed’s “one finger test”? Can you use the website on a mobile device just by using one finger?
  • Review your mobile device stats in Google Analytics – if a significant portion of your visitors are on mobile devices its worth bumping the action item up in your priorities list!

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