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Special Episode – Mobile Websites & Google Usability Emails

This is a short BMS Special Episode where we chat briefly about mobile websites and the recent emails Google has started sending about “mobile usability issues”. You may not be aware that Google is updating their algorithm in April 2015 and sites that are not mobile friendly will start to rank lower when searched from mobile devices.

If you’ve been getting these emails from Google and are unsure what to do, this episode is a great starting point.

In episode 11 we did a deep dive on mobile websites explaining what an adaptive and responsive website is. If you’re ready to take the next step in terms of making your website mobile compatible you should have a listen to that episode, here’s the link:

Your action steps from this episode:

1. Make sure your website is setup in Google Webmaster Tools so you get alerts and updates about major changes like this.

2. Run your website through the Google “Mobile Friendly Test”, here’s the link:

3. Check your stats on mobile visitors to your website and make a business decision as to whether you’re going to upgrade to a mobile friendly site. If a significant proportion of visitors to your site are coming from Smartphones and mobile devices it may be time to look at upgrading your site.

In episode 11 we included a screenshot of where to find stats on your mobile visitors inside Google analytics, here’s the link to that episode once again:


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