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Episode 2 – Digital Toolbox Essentials

This is Episode 2 of the Business Marketing Show with Ed Keay-Smith from Online Impact and Brendan Tully from The Search Engine Shop

On the Business Marketing Show we talk all things online business marketing and building robust reliable all terrain businesses by properly leveraging the internet.

This week Ed and Brendan share their Digital Toolbox Essentials, the cloud based services they use on a daily basis.

These tools enable the guys use these tools to run their business from any location with an internet connection, significantly cut IT infrastructure costs and eliminate the need for costly office servers entirely and in Brendan’s business, have a completely paperless office!

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • 3 digital toolbox essentials, must have digital tools for doing business in today’s environment
  • 3 high performance, high impact game changer tools
  • bonus tips and tricks for getting the most out of your IT infrastructure
  • a great way of framing time savings generated by these tools – 30 minutes saved every day is 2.5 working weeks a year you save!

In this episode:

  • Ed’s business –
  • Brendan’s business –
  • Dropbox, a cloud based network drive. Great for cloud based backups, sharing big files with others, sharing documents between your team across different locations. Free for upto 2gb of data storage. In an SMB using Dropbox and Google Apps can remove the need for a server.
  • Skype, call other Skype users for free, unlimited landline calls for a fixed fee, cheap virtual landline phone numbers, online voicemail, dirt cheap international calls and much more. Free and paid options.
  • Evernote, a digital filing cabinet. Evernote is an amazing tool for storing notes and documents, Brendan runs a completely paperless office based on top of Evernote and Shoeboxed.
    How to use everyone
  • Shoeboxed, send them your physical documents and they’ll scan them for you. Integrates with your accounting system to minimise bookkeeping and combine it with Evernote for a completely paperless office solution.
  • Tripit for managing travel. Tripit is like having a travel assistant with you 24/7
  • Google Apps for email hosting, document sharing and much more
  • Brendan’s Google Apps email hosting setup service
  • and 1Password for managing hundreds and thousands of passwords securely
  • – a very popular cloud based accounting solution and a great alternative to Myob and Quickbooks that works across all platforms!
  • – an excellent call answering and reception service based in Australia

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