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Episode 18 – Results & Expectations

Very often we hear about business owners who’ve spent a lot of money (high expectations) on a website or online marketing and get very poor return (bad results).

So this week on the show we have a discussion about results and expectations and some simple steps you can take to better set your expectations and to get better results.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Simple steps you can take to get a better result from whatever you’re doing online
  • Why many businesses have faulty expectations and how you can avoid falling into the same trap
  • Why winning online is about the long game and not about magic bullet solutions
  • Why trying to DIY is often the fastest path to failure

Highlights, Notes and Action Items from this episode:

Very often online, the result doesn’t live upto the expectation for two reasons

  • the expectation was unclear, unrealistic and simply unachievable
  • the expectation was realistic and achieveable but the plan to achieve it was poor

Setting realistic and clear expectations:

  • not being clear on what you actually want, the “i want to be no 1 in google falacy’
  • short term focus or magic bullet thinking
  • unrealistic budget
  • DIY mentality

Creating a better plan of attack

  • focusing solely on design or making something look pretty is recipe for disaster
  • avoid poor budget and resource allocation, e.g. all the money on design, nothing for traffic or not assigning any time to focus online marketing efforts
  • don’t just rely on a single marketing source or traffic channel
  • make sure you’ve planned for the worst case scenario – don’t bet the farm on the success of your website


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