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Episode 14 – Hosting

Hosting isn’t something that gets a lot of attention until its broken. This is unfortunate because your hosting forms the foundation of many of your online assets and we often find that very little thought or consideration goes into choosing a hosting provider other than looking at the price tag.

In this episode we explain the four separate components of your hosting, who our preferred providers are and some of the key points to be mindful of when choosing a hosting provider.

This episode is really for anyone in business because your hosting will have a flow-on effect to many other parts of your business, for example if your email is unreliable or suffering downtime your staff productivity will suffer or if your website is suffering from regular outages its going to hurt your Google rankings and you’ll miss out on sales enquiries.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • why cheap hosting is false economy
  • the 4 separate components of your hosting
  • our preferred hosting providers and what is different about them (sidenote, you should really not have all 4 components with one company)

Highlights, Notes and Action Items from this episode:

1. Domain names or domain registrar

  • you MUST know who your domain registrar is
  • make sure your domain names are in your name or business name otherwise you don’t own them!
  • generally you should only be paying $10-20/year per domain name

2. DNS Hosting

  • know where your DNS hosting is
  • is one of the fastest DNS hosting providers in the world AND free
  • slow and unreliable DNS hosting will make your website slow, can cause a lot of downtime and can cause email problems

3. Web Hosting

  • your website load speed should be under 5 seconds – test it with
  • WPEngine for high performance Wordpress hosting
  • Vaultpress for backups
  • Cloudflare is a great way to speed up sites on slow hosting

4. Email Hosting



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