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Episode 13 – Website Build Process

In this episode Ed and Brendan talk about the process for building a website and the several steps involved.

If you’re considering getting online or redeveloping your website this is one to listen to.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • the common trap many businesses fall into with the “website redesign loop”
  • the discrete 6 step process for building a more effective website

Highlights, Notes and Action Items from this episode:

1. Define the Website Purpose & Target Market

  • who is your target market?
  • what the is specific purpose your website serves?
  • what is the main problem you’re solving for the customer?
  • what’s the offer?
  • what is the action you want the visitor to take
  • what is your USP or unique selling proposition

2. Content writing & sitemap creation

  • in most cases using a professional copywriter is better than DIY-ing it as you’re often too close to the business
  • the step is often ignored in favour of focussing on design -> bad idea

3. Imagery and photography

4. Web design

  • this is the step that usually gets the most focus but is actually optional – a predesigned template can be used instead of a custom design where budgets are tight
  • a web designer does design and not sales and marketing, don’t be confused about that

5. Web development

  • a website developer is a programmer who takes design files created by a designer and turns that into a fully functioning website

6. Online Marketing

  • if coming from an existing website, three core SEO considerations you need to make to ensure your traffic and rankings don’t drop:
    • redirect old pages to the relevant page on the new site
    • make sure your Google Analytics is transferred across to the new site so you can properly track performance
    • make sure page titles and meta descriptions are set correctly

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