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Episode 12 – Content, Blogging & Content Marketing Strategy

This week we talk about content and content marketing. A strategy that is generally under-done by most small businesses.

Content is at the core of your website. If you’re unhappy with how your website is performing, this is a show to listen to.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • how by simply adding a page of content to your site you can rank higher
  • the answer to the question “how often should I be updating my website”

Highlights, Notes and Action Items from this episode:

  • You need a page of content for every keyword you want to rank for
  • Thin content will hurt you, aim for 1000+ words of content on important pages
  • Key content types:
  • Sales and marketing automation tools like Infusionsoft are the next step up from email marketing
  • Taking the first step of your sales process online is an excellent way to super charge your website

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