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E100 – The Lost Interview with the Late, Great James Martell

On this, episode 100 of the Business Marketing Show, we dedicate it to a good friend and mentor who passed away a few months ago, James Martell.

The simple fact is, I would not be podcasting today if it wasn’t for James.

The very first podcast I ever listened to was James Martell on his Affiliate Buzz podcast back in 2003.

James has had one of the longest (if not the longest running) podcasts on the internet on any topic let alone affiliate marketing.

I was fortunate enough to first meet James and his amazing other half Arlene, at CJU (Commission Junction University) 2005 in Santa Barbara in the US.

We them met up at several other events including The System Seminar in 2007 when I introduced James to it and he then went on to be invited by Ken McCarthy to be a presenter on the topic of affiliate marketing until the final live System Seminar event in 2011.

My family and I also spent time with James, Arlene and their family in their home town of White Rock in Vancouver BC in 2008 as part of our 7 month world trip.

James has appeared as a guest on several of my podcast episodes over the years and I on his.

Not only was James a brilliant affiliate marketer who helped educate tens of thousands of people around the globe on the topic, he was an amazing family man and a great person to call my friend.

I feel very fortunate to have known him and his beautiful family but to have also learned so much about affiliate marketing and podcasting where I spend a huge amount of my time in today.

The great thing is we have years of amazing content from James in both written, audio & video that we can always still go and learn from him at any time even though he is no longer with us he has left an amazing legacy that will go on for many many years.

Thanks for everything my friend, I know you are here by my side guiding me in spirit every day.





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