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E56 – Online Marketing Strategies for Corporate Marketing Departments



In this episode we talk about online marketing tactics and strategies as they relate to bigger businesses and businesses with an internal marketing department.

These businesses can be quite different to your typical small business as they’re often dealing with bigger budgets, more people and more moving parts.


Notes & links from this episode

Marketing vs sales department

  • in bigger businesses marketing and sales departments often have very poor communication where the marketing team often operates in a vacuum and so does the sales team
  • with the right tools and measurements in place customers can be tracked from the beginning of their purchasing journey to the end
  • the right tools benefit both marketing and sales departments

Tools and tactics:

  • Google Adwords for Search -> great at capturing active demand but can’t create demand
  • SEO -> again, it cannot create demand. A complete search strategy leverages both Adwords AND SEO
  • Maps is an important part of online marketing especially for bigger businesses with multiple locations. Maps need to be managed across Google, Apple Maps AND Bing. Facebook is also getting into the maps space so important too.
  • Facebook ads and Google Adwords Display Network are excellent replacements for traditional print advertising. Generally best at creating awareness and increasing demand
  • Basic conversion optimisation will go a long way -> something as simple as going through the sales process from start to finish will often highlight big gaps and deficiencies



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