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E68 – A Conversation On Copywriting with Bret Thomson

In this episode, we’re talking copywriting with Bret Thomson, one of the highest paid copywriters and conversion strategists in Australia.

It’s a casual conversation on copywriting with a whole bunch of insights on how you can better engage your audience, write better copy and generally improve your approach to marketing and selling online.

This is a fantastic episode to listen to if you’re selling products and services online or want to improve your copywriting skills:

“you don’t get what you deserve in life, you get what you negotiate”

“it’s not the product that will change the world, it’s the marketing of that product”

“80% of the success of a marketing campaign is in the headline”

In this episode, we share 5 easy wins that almost any business owner can DIY that cost nothing (or next to nothing) and work regardless of whether you’re a big business or small.

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