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E48 – What worked in 2015 & predictions for 2016

In this episode we recap our 2015 year and share the tactics and strategies that really delivered results this year for us and our clients and look forward to 2016 and share our predictions on the strategies that you should be focussing on in the coming year.


What worked well in 2015:

  • Remarketing and retargeting, for more information on remarketing visit Ed’s website
  • Email marketing (done well), if you’re interested in digging deeper on email marketing we talked about it on episode 8 of the podcast
  • Having a page for every product and service you sell on your website. It sounds simple but in a huge number of cases we deal with this overlooked
  • Google Adwords for search, a no brainer but you shouldn’t be DIYing it. On Episode 7 of the podcast we discussed Adwords basics
  • High quality high performance hosting – you know yourself if a website is slow you quickly lose patience and click away. Visit to do a quick test of your hosting speed. If your site doesn’t load consistently in under 5 seconds you may have problems.

Where to focus in 2016:

  • Content and content marketing strategy – Dan Norris’ book, Content Machine is a great place to start
  • The smartphone/mobile experience on your website. The percentage of visitors hitting your site using a smartphone or mobile device is only going to increase!
  • Becoming more aware of customer needs and being more personal as a business.
  • Become a 24/7 business – your customers are now looking for you 24/7. Using things like marketing automation you can help them much more easily 24 hours a day. Taking the first step of your sales process online is another great way to do this.
  • For retail businesses a solid ecommerce strategy is probably the only way to survive long term.



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